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Warehouse halls / Storage tents

Storage tents and halls

Your material deserves proper protection.

A structure that efficiently organizes the storage of your products in a simple and transparent manner is something that many companies have been striving for in recent years. However, it is important to familiarize ourselves with the different forms and types of available tents. For a fast and affordable storage solution, we offer three different types of warehouse hall constructions.

Our specialty lies in the adaptability of our products to meet our customers’ needs.

One of the key advantages of our offering is the ability to customize the dimensions of our halls precisely to your requirements and available space. Whether you need a smaller storage facility or a larger industrial hall, we are here to fulfill your desires. Our team of experienced consultants will work with you every step of the way, from planning to execution, assisting you in adapting the structure and other elements according to your specifications.

Our storage tents and halls are designed in accordance with Eurocodes, ensuring the safety and reliability of our products. Each hall is engineered to withstand local snow and wind loads, which is crucial for the longevity and safety of your storage facility. Our design and manufacturing processes comply with the SIST-EN 1090-1-2 standards, allowing you to obtain the necessary construction permits for our storage halls and tents.

We provide comprehensive support in obtaining the construction permit for your facility. Our experienced consultants will assist you in preparing all the necessary documentation required for the process. Whether it is a temporary, uncomplicated, or less demanding structure, we are here to streamline the process and ensure a smooth construction workflow.

Trust us with your storage tent and hall requirements, and we will provide you with a high-quality and flexible solution. Contact us today, and together we will create an optimal storage space that fulfills all your expectations.

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1. Industrial Warehouse Tent/Hall Constructions
We offer various widths and lengths to accommodate your desires and needs. You can choose between single-slope, double-slope, and semi-circular roof constructions.
snegobran 2
2. Various roof Coverings
The appearance of the new facility will primarily depend on your insulation requirements. With us, you can choose from various forms and designs.
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3. Various facade covers
Just like with the roof, you can also choose from different wall materials. We offer options such as fire-resistant PVC canvas, trapezoidal sheet metal, and insulated panels.
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4. Additional Equipment
In addition to the basic structure, we also provide a range of additional equipment to enhance the functionality and usability of your warehouse tent/hall.

Advantages of Prefabricated Warehouse/Industrial Buildings

Izolirana skladiščna hala s Termomembransko streho 20x40m

Warehouse tents

A storage tent is an extremely practical solution for storing various products or raw materials. Its construction allows for easy assembly and disassembly, making it particularly useful for temporary or mobile storage needs.

A storage tent can also be used as an alternative to conventional warehouse halls. Its assembly is much faster and simpler compared to building a traditional hall. This is especially useful in situations where additional storage space needs to be quickly established.

When it comes to tents, we cannot overlook their flexibility. Storage tents can be set up practically anywhere, making them highly adaptable. We can choose from different sizes, shapes, and materials, enabling us to select the best option based on our needs.

Halls, in comparison to storage tents, are more solid and provide greater protection against weather conditions. However, halls are also more expensive and their construction takes longer. In such cases, a storage tent is an excellent alternative, offering a quick and easy storage solution.

Ultimately, the choice between a storage tent and a hall depends on several factors, such as our needs, budget, and time constraints. Whether we opt for a storage tent or a hall, it is important to choose a quality construction that ensures safe and efficient storage.

A storage tent is a great solution for various situations. Whether you need temporary storage or a permanent solution, it is worth considering this option. Even if you choose a warehouse hall, it is important to prioritize a quality construction that ensures long-term safety and efficiency.

Whether it’s a storage hall or a tent, the focus is always on the quality of the construction, which guarantees long-term safety and efficiency.

Inflatable storage tents

These halls are extremely stable and flexible, making them ideal for larger events or temporary spaces. Our tent halls are designed to meet all size and shape requirements, and they can be adapted to withstand more demanding weather conditions.

We are committed to providing top-notch facilities for our customers. Our inflatable and tent halls are manufactured using the latest technologies and highest-quality materials to ensure their durability and reliability. Whether you need space for sports events, exhibitions, warehouses, or any other purpose, you can rely on us. We fulfill all your requirements.

Note: The translation presents the Biro Company as a leading manufacturer and supplier of inflatable and tent halls, highlighting their durability, adaptability, and commitment to customer satisfaction.

What we offer

  1. Design and Engineering: Our team of experts will assist you in designing the structure, ensuring it meets your specific requirements and regulations.
  2. Assistance with Permit Acquisition: We provide guidance and support in obtaining the necessary construction permits, ensuring compliance with local regulations.
  3. Construction Site Management: Our experienced professionals can oversee and manage the construction site, ensuring a smooth and efficient building process.
  4. Turnkey Solutions: We offer complete turnkey solutions, handling every aspect of the project from design to construction and final handover.
  5. Maintenance and Servicing: We provide ongoing maintenance and servicing for the structures, ensuring their longevity and optimal performance.
  6. Future Expansion or Reduction: Our structures are designed to allow for future expansion or reduction. If your needs change over time, we can assist with segmental enlargement or reduction of the building.

Naše reference


Skladiščni objekt 14 x 32.5 m – Elrad d.o.o.

Henkel 5

Skladiščna hala 20 x 50 m – HENKEL Maribor d.o.o.

Skladiščna hala dimenzij 25 x 60 m

Skladiščna hala 25 x 60 m, Žiher hiše d.o.o.

Izolirana skladiščna hala s Termomembransko streho 20x40m

Izolirana skladiščna hala s termomembransko streho 20 x 40m – Ledinek Engineering d.o.o.

Skladiščna jeklena hala 20 x 30m, na betonskih lego kockah

Tenis hala 19x37m

Tenis hala 19 x 37 m, Laško

ABC NET d.o.o. - Skladiščni šotor 15x80m

Skladiščni šotor 15 x 80 x 4m – ABC NET d.o.o.


Nadstrešnica 24 x 15 m

Izoliran skladiščni šotor 7

Izoliran skladiščni šotor 7.8 x 21.3m, Grama d.o.o.

Prekritje parkirišča vozil 25x42m

Prekritje parkirišča vozil 25 x 42m, PR Avtomobili d.o.o.

Nadstrešek za Ribiški čoln Biser 9×10,5m

Nadstrešek za Ribiški čoln Biser 9 x 10.5m

Skladiščni šotor 12x15m

Skladiščni šotor 12 x 15m

Enokapni nadstrešek 23 x 100m

Enokapni nadstrešek 23 x 100m

Jeklen skladiščni šotor 8x30m

Skladiščni šotor 8 x 30m

Jeklena enokapnica 10x24m

Jeklena enokapnica 10 x 24m

Revoz d.o.o. - Začasni skladiščni objekt 25x100m

Začasni skladiščni objekt 25 x 100m – Revoz d.o.o.

Prenova strehe - Surovina Maribor 75x60m

Prenova strehe 75 x 60m – Surovina Maribor d.o.o.

Nadstrešnica 6

Nadstrešnica 6.5 x 15.5 x 4.5m

Lestro-Ledinek d.o.o. - 20x40m

Skladiščna hala 20 x 40m – Ledinek Engineering d.o.o.

Revoz d.o.o. - Skladiščni objekt 2 x 30x100m

Skladiščni hali 30 x 100m – Revoz d.o.o.

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